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  • Setting up WordPress on your local Ubuntu 18.x Machine with Apache2- How to set up WordPress on top of Ubuntu 18 using Command Line How to set up WordPress on top of Ubuntu 18 Using Command Line How To This tutorial is designed to help with the installation of WordPress on top of Ubunut 18.x NOTE: This tutorial will not be covering how to install LAMP/LEMP… Continue Reading
  • Kusplatt HTML Version- Kusplatt HTML Version Kusplatt HTML VersionKusplatt HTML Version is a game I created for Android originally in order to show students that they can create their own game. This is a ported HTML version of the game and because it is ported some features are not available such as leaderboard, achievements, audio issues, and frame… Continue Reading
  • Run Linux OS alongside Chrome OS- Run Linux OS alongside Chrome OS Run Linux OS alongside Chrome OS How to This tutorial was designed to be used with an unmanaged chromebook with access to the developer mode. 1. The first thing we need to do is to put the unmanaged chromebook into Developer Mode. To do this follow the following steps… Continue Reading
  • Rpi 3 Kiosk CLI Version- RpiKiosk_cli Version Creating Easy Digital Sign With Raspberry Pi 3 CLI Version How To ***NOTE*** This tutorial is for the CLI Version of RpiKiosk to create a digital sign or kiosk.These scripts and this tutorial were designed for use with a raspberry pi 2 or 3 with armhf architecture.These scripts are based on the 2017-11-29-raspbian-stretch… Continue Reading
  • Rpi 3 Kiosk Tool GUI Version- Creating Easy Digital Sign With Raspberry Pi 3 Needed Hardware Raspberry Pi: I recommend a Raspberry Pi 3. On campus I use the CanaKit that comes with everything needed to use your RaspberryPi 3 for this and many other projects. The link below will take you to the kit we use on our Campus. CanaKit… Continue Reading
  • Public GPG Key- Link To My Public GPG Key I am going to my public GPG key to this entry. It is the ASCII-armored version of my public gpg server key. This is mainly for my own reference. However, if you know how to use gpg keys, then by all means feel free to import my public key.… Continue Reading
  • Linux On Windows- Running Linux Inside Of Windows Or Mac Using Virtualbox 20170509 This tutorial will help users that want to use or try linux from inside their windows or macOS (OSX) Operating System by using VirtualBox. First, I want to mention that when you are using a type of Virtualization Software such as VirtualBox, the "Host" is… Continue Reading
  • Hard Drive Disposal- How To Prepare Your Old Computer's Hard Drive For Disposal In today's throw away world, most of us have faced the issue of buying a new computer and getting rid of the old one. These old computers are ripe for the picking to those who know how to recover information from the old computers hard… Continue Reading
  • Scripted QR Code Generator- How To Use Scripted QR Code Creator In this tutorial I have hosted the ".zip" file for my students, and my own reference. This script is a very basic Bash Shell Script that can be ran on any linux machine that uses APT for its package management. Needed Software QRCodeGen: QR Code Generator How To… Continue Reading
  • Creating Custom QR Codes- How To Quickly Create Custom QR Codes Using Linux Terminal Tools The following steps explain the simple process that we use on campus to create QR codes to allow our elementary students the ability to quickly scan a QR code, using their tablets, and quickly be on the educational site that they are needing. How… Continue Reading

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